Our Story

Property Result was established by two individuals from very different backgrounds, but with two common passions running through their veins.

The first, a heart for people

The second, a heart for property

So since 2011, Richard Mews (a ‘wizard’ of property) and Dwayne Squires (a ‘love’ for entrepreneurship) teamed up to with a clear mission…

Our Mission

To deliver simple but hugely effective, fast and tailored solutions to homeowners, landlords and buyers in the North East of England so they can focus on what makes their heart sing and less hassling with property selling and buying issues that stress you out.

Basically…to provide you a service we would gladly provide to our friends and family.

Our Core Values

  • Always Genuinely Care
  • Always be Ourselves
  • Always be on the Lookout for Improvements that Benefits Our Community
  • Always seek to deliver WOW through Great Service
  • Always deliver a Win-Win result


As you know there’s no shortage of home buying companies and estate agents on the market. Even Bob next door could buy your home or Ms Evans down the road could tell you about a property investment she recommends. But…

We felt there was a gap and homeowners, landlords and buyers haven’t been serviced with that they truly need.

We focus on building a genuine relationship with you so that we can deliver a professional, quick, effective and tailored solution to help you sell or your next property stress-free and with certain security.

If you’re interested in learning more about ways we can work together don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Richard Mews  – Partner

30+ year experience cutting his teeth in property, working with more than 300+ sellers and landlords

Family guy who loves the countryside and is  an avid Newcastle FC fan.

Dwayne Squires – Partner

London-born, started in property whilst in university, learning how to deliver quick solutions to homeowners.

A big ‘foody’, who loves travelling and watching Arsenal FC trounce all opponents.

Why Work With Us If you are selling?

Why You Should Choose Property Result to Buy Your Home or Property

Our Process

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