4 Ways To Sell a Fixer-Upper Property

4 Ways To Sell a Fixer-Upper Property in Durham

Are you ready to sell a run-down property now? We’ll cover 4 ways to sell a fixer-upper property, giving you the know-how, pros, and cons of all of these ways.

Traditional Listing

In general, buyers are looking for homes that are readily available. These are usually found on the traditional estate agent listings. Such advertising focuses heavily on aesthetics and not on the potentials of a house in repair. Furthermore, estate agents have utilised the ease and reach of advertising on the internet. Your house in need of repair will now be competing with 100s of listings, thus not getting the attention it deserves. To add to this, an estate agent will also charge a hefty fee to sell your property. Keep in mind your profit margin will be lowered due to the high costs of the services of an estate agent.

Fix it Up

Television has made it look incredibly easy to ‘flip it’. But the reality is that there are many potential risks involved which require extensive knowledge in construction. If you don’t have the background knowledge and understanding of the potential risks, you are setting yourself up for disaster. Depending on the number of renovations and repairs, you could be paying a lot to bring your property up to standard. These renovations and repairs include foundation, plumbing, cooling and heating systems, and structural issues. When hiring professionals for these areas it’s not as easy as shopping online. It will take time and some trail and error to find a professional that you are happy with. Let’s not forget the red tape and project management involved!

Sell on Your Own 

Time goes by quickly when you are trying to sell a derelict property, especially when your monthly overheads continue to add up. Selling a dilapidated property on your own or via the use of an estate agent can take a long time. You would need to read up no how to best market your fixer-upper to potential buyers. Marketing expenses has to also be taken into account along with understanding what to price it at. Keep in mind you may have to deal with inexperienced buyers, which leads to a confusing and long-winding process for the both of you. Because of this your profits based on the set price will continue to decline. Sadly, many potential buyers end up backing out of such deals. This is especially worrisome when you have plans which rely on the funds from the sale. This can be catastrophic when you take into account the time and money spent along with the missed opportunities of other potential buyers.

Sell to Property Result

We can relieve you of the stress and expenses to sell a property in need of repair. We buy as-is, give you a swift closing date, and take all risks. Thanks to being experienced investors, we are able to access financial and other professional resources within the industry. In addition, we understand that the business requires a great deal of time and technological know-how. We’re closely familiar with property law as well as any updates to these laws. Running an investment business means you must continually educate yourself.  Forms and other regulations can change and it is risky not to remain tapped into the resources which provide this information. Likewise, in order to win at the fixer-upper game, you need to know listings like the back of your hand. Being familiar with listings on a daily basis is time-consuming but gives us the cutting edge.

We’re dedicated to staying on top of the game! Property Result is successful because we make it easy for our buyers and sellers! We’ll do all of the work while you’re enjoying your earnings! Make a wise choice and start working with Property Result . Send us a message or give us a call today to learn more! 0191 369 2069

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