4 Ways Selling Your House Now Will Save You Money


Are you on the fence on whether to hire an estate agent or sell your property as a private sale? This is an important decision that warrants a lot of research and contemplation. An alternative, would be to sell to a professional buyer. This could save you thousands of pounds down the line. In traditional listings you don’t have a guaranteed closing date. In addition, you need to factor in the costs of marketing, fees, and commission. If you are not well informed, you could end up severely indebted. Discover these 4 ways selling your house now will save you money!

Selling Your House As-Is

It doesn’t make sense to spend a large amount of money on a property you will not be using, this is especially true for older properties that might have serious issues. If you decide to sell your house via the use of an estate agent or as a private sale, you will still be responsible for some repairs even if you list your property ‘as-is’. Keep in mind, you would also have to do an inspection and this can bring up unpleasant surprises. All of these costs will be subtracted from the purchase price, thus cutting into your profit. This can be devastating for someone who might already be cash strapped. By selling now to a professional buyer you can literally walk away, which is another way selling your house now will save you money.

Marketing Costs

Marketing is a must in almost everything in life. Whether you choose to sell your property privately or via an estate agent you would always have to either do the marketing on your own, or pay for it. Marketing in terms of property would include things like professional grade photos, 360-degree virtual tours, and even a professional drone footage. These are required in order to just stand a chance with the 100s of other listings online. These days staging expenses are also incurred to ensure the interior and exterior are on par with magazine quality presentations. Avoid all of these costs and hassles when selling your house now will save you money.

Closing Costs

After the hurdle of finding a buyer, it’s time to sit down and close the deal. There are many deductions that could take place at this moment such as commissions, indemnity insurance, legal fees, search fees, property taxes etc. You can shop around to get discounts or sales of some services, but this takes time and requires some research. It also depends on the time of month and year that you are selling in order to get further discounts. You can avoid all of these charges and time spent shopping around by selling your house now.

Holding Costs

If you have moved before your sale has closed it puts you in in a financially tense situation. You would have to pay monthly utility bills, council tax and maintenance responsibilities for two properties. This is a scary situation when your sale is not even guaranteed. Not forgetting all of those added costs that go with a private sale or selling via an  estate agent. In addition, inexperienced buyers could back out of a deal after weeks have passed at the last minute.  All of these factors lead to anxiety, financial instability, and emotional turmoil. By working with a professional buyer, you can alleviate the stress involved for everyone in waiting for closing. Having a quick guaranteed closing date when you are selling your house now will save you money.

Imagine the possibility of all this stress being avoided – well there is one!  No more concerns over financing your life while you hold out for repairs, marketing, or closing costs. All you need to do is sell to Property Result ; we handle everything for you. Selling your house now to Property Result will save you money. To learn more about what we can offer, send us a message or give us a call today! 0191 369 2069


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