4 Reasons Why Your House Isn’t Selling in the UK

4 Reasons Why Your House Isn't Selling in the UK

The average days a property is listed on the market can vary from city to city but if a property is listed for longer than 30 days potential buyers start to wonder what’s wrong. This can easily happen thanks to the ease of the internet where more and more potential buyers are scouring the listings looking for their perfect property. Read on to learn 4 reasons why your house isn’t selling in the UK.

Too Expensive

Price is everything and is the most important factor a potential buyer looks at when skimming through listings. If you have set a high price to account for negotiations and bargaining this could deter away potential buyers. If you are worried about low offers there are other options such as building in contingencies, while keeping your asking price as closer to the original number as possible. If you’ve priced too high, this may be exactly why your house isn’t selling in the UK. To cut down the time your property is listed start off with a competitive price.

Lack of Interest

You may be wondering why your house isn’t selling in the UK, it may be the fact that your property does not “fit in” with the surrounding houses. Buyers do care if the property is on par with the rest of the properties in the suburb, in fact that’s why they sometimes search for properties by postcode. Buyers maybe unwilling to refurbish a house and would prefer to buy a ready to move in house of their liking.

Another reason why your house isn’t selling in the UK could be because of the lack of quality photos or even the quantity of photos. Technology now makes it super easy for buyers to learn anything and everything about your specific house by looking at its listing online. These days there are sophisticated drones that show both the interior and exterior areas of a property. If you just have a few low-quality photos the potential buyer will just scroll to another listing. A red flag to watch out for is dealing with estate agents that underestimate the importance of digital advertising.

Badly Staged

It is difficult to envision a perfectly decorated room, it’s also difficult to see the potential of a space if there are many personal items strewn across the furniture. If your house is badly staged during showings, this could be why your house isn’t selling in the UK.  In property a lot goes in to making your home look it’s best. The estate agent might ask that you place your extra belongings in storage and might make arrangements for your house to be spruced up by a professional staging company. Although this can be expensive, staging has been found to decrease the time period a house is on the market for – thus making it a worthwhile investment. Generally these staging companies use neutral tones throughout your house so that buyers can more easily envision their own belongings in the space.

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is how attractive the entire property (this includes the front garden and visible parts of the back garden) is to a person walking or driving down the street. As human beings we tend to feel calmer when everything more or less blends in. If your property is sticking out like a sore thumb it could be just the reason why your house isn’t selling in the UK. Poor curb appeal tends to increase the amount of time a property is listed on the market. To increase your property’s curb appeal, you could do cosmetic repairs, paint your house, install outdoor lighting, and planned landscaping. Try and use colours which blend nicely into the neighbourhood but still has a sense of individuality to it.

These could be just a few reasons why your house isn’t selling in the UK. Are you tired of waiting for the right buyer? If you would rather save your time and money while skipping all of the headaches and expenses of listing yourself or with an estate agent, Property Result is here to help. With the added benefit of a quick closing, why not just sell directly to Property Result . Send us a message or call 0191 369 2069 today!

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